Honoring the Class of 2020

Honoring the Class of 2020

We are proud to honor the work of all the graduating class of 2020 in our Church family. While it has not been the same with acknowledgments in person, or the annual Men’s Club Graduation Breakfast, know we are still very proud of all the achievements and hard work.

Connor Dempsey is graduating from  Babylon High School. There he is a member of the National Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, and the National Science Honor Society. Connor has achieved high honor honors principal?s list for all six years at Babylon Jr-Senior High. He has been an active athlete on the golf team as well as a pole vaulter for the track team. He recently won the National School Orchestra Award and is a recipient of Long Island Teacher?s Benevolent scholarship. Connor will be attending Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida, in the fall as an honors student. He will be majoring in Marine Science and minoring in Chemistry.

Josh Flaum graduated from the Long Island High School for the Performing Arts where he represented the school?to honor Billy Joel (pictured with Josh, who is in the center).?At? Massapequa High School, Josh was in the Tri-M Music Honors Society,?Crooners, and the Chorus.?Josh just performed in The Wedding Singer at MHS the weekend before school closed. In addition, Josh?has been performing with the James Street players, his favorite theater group. He has also been a member of MYF. Josh will be attending New York Institute of Technology in the fall, where he will be majoring in Social Work/Sociology. We are so very proud of Josh!?
From Josh?s Mom, Jennifer.?

Congratulations to Richard V Izzo for graduating West Babylon Senior High School, Class of 2020! What a year its been! Richie will be graduating as an Eagle Scout after many years of hard work and dedication in Boy Scout Troop 104. He will continue to work at Ace Hardware Store and go to Suffolk County Community College this Fall. We are so immensely proud of him, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Best wishes to everyone graduating this year! 

Christopher Peptio is graduating from West Islip High School and continuing to college at Farmingdale University. I have a special place in my heart for my firstborn grandson. I am so proud of the young man Christopher has become. As Christopher continues his journey in life, I hope he always remembers his faith and family. They will always be there for him as he continues to grow into the special person that he is. May life bring you joy and happiness.
Love, Nana

Bridgette Thompson College of Choice: MICA Degree: Illustration Graduating from West Babylon High School # 5 in class rank. My dear Bridgette! You made me a Mom. You made me stronger than I ever thought was possible. You made me a better person. Bridgette, you are my child of light , my child of laughter and innocence. My child of imagination. You are my crystal child. You are my child of faith. Bridgette watching you grow from a small baby to a young woman has been a gift I can never repay. Bridgette watching you with your family, your friends, your little sister makes me so proud of the young woman you have become. Your artwork is amazing and moving. You capture the world and all its awesomeness from the majesty of mountains to the smile on your young cousin?s face. Your love of helping others is evident in all your community and church based projects. You are always willing to lend a helping hand to your little sister, to a struggling friend, student or member of the community. You expect nothing in return. Your sense of humor and your sarcasm is side splitting. Your comedic timing is perfect. Bridgette you have a light that shines from your soul out into the world. I see it when you help those who are not as fortunate as you are. I see it as you teach others when they are confused. I see it when you cry to yourself at the unkind and unsettling things that are in this world. I also see your faith. I see how important your church family is to you. I?ve known that since I discovered you playing ?Reverend Lange? on your bedroom floor when you were just 4 years old. You had Noah from the Ark and all your other little people were set up and you were making them listen to what Rev. Lange was saying. I asked you what you were doing and you said you were telling people about God just like Rev. Lange. I see the love you have for the children in your Sunday School Classroom. I see how engaged in learning they become while you teach them about the love of God and Jesus. I hear the happiness in your voice when you sing in the church choir. I see how happy you are with your church family. You my dearest Bridgette are a gift. I look forward to all the wonderful and amazing things that you will do in this world. How lucky the world is to have a Bridgette in it.