Reverend Dr. Penny Gadzini

Reverend Dr. Penny Gadzini, Interim Pastor

As a young person I worked as a flight instructor, teaching people to fly. Years later, as I was training to become a pastoral counselor and reflecting on my understanding of psychotherapy, what came to me was this: “We are all born to fly on the wings of our own unique calling. Life happens, we are hurt. Psychotherapy is mending broken wings, in the hope that we might journey back into full, joyful, vitality, a sense of meaning and purpose and satisfying connections with self, others, and the Transcendent; that we might again fly on the wings of our own unique calling.”
My doctoral project is entitled, “Healing Connections: Helping Couples with a History of Trauma to Heal”. In my therapeutic work I am attuned to trauma symptoms, the healing power of the therapeutic relationship, and the need to develop safe, healthy relationships.

Richard SantoroRichard Santoro, Assistant to the Pastor

Richard Santoro was born and raised in the Babylon United Methodist Church. There is almost no aspect of church life that Richard has not been either a leader or an active participant in.

A Lay Speaker for over a decade, Richard has served locally and in other churches, balancing preaching, leading, and teaching both the youth and adults of our congregation. Most recently Richard received his Bachelor’s Degree from St. Joseph’s College with honors, majoring in Religious Studies with a minor in Psychology. Richard’s thesis focused on how we experience Christian and spiritual art, and his study was a broad view of the religious and spiritual journey that we experience individually and collectively.

Richard feels that we are all unique, wonderful individuals working together in fellowship and love to model our lives after the example of Jesus, and he hopes to help each person in their journey with Christ, and with their own ministry within the Babylon United Methodist Church.

Neil O'ConnellNeil O’Connell

Neil is both the Musical Director and Organist.  He directs the Chancel Choir and performs with them at all regular Sunday 9:30 am services.

Doris RichterDoris Richter

Doris is our Church Administrator and an active lifelong member of Babylon UMC. She is a Lay Servant and has participated in many areas of church life. Doris is the Membership Secretary Chair of the Worship Committee and a United Methodist Woman.