Dear Sisters and Brothers of the Babylon UMC,

What a pleasure and a joy to walk with you during this in-between-time in the life of the Church. Interim ministry gives congregations time after the departure of a Pastor to process the loss and to ask important questions: who are we as a congregation? what are our strengths and how can we build on them? what are the issues we need to address? what feelings do we need to process? It is my hope and prayer that our time together will prepare the congregation for a new and effective ministry under the leadership of Rev. Adrienne Brewington.

Early in our time together I shared a sermon series called “Compass: Tools for Life”; I reminded us that Jesus came that we might have life, and have it abundantly (John 10:10), and I asked, “do we have a spiritual compass that can get us there?”. Life is difficult for us as individuals, families, and congregations and to navigate successfully we need a spiritual compass. We need to learn to follow a God given heading, seeking God’s leading both for our own lives and for the life of the congregation.

Over the coming months the primary questions I will return to again and again are: “Who is Jesus, really (prophet, priest, Lord, savior, teacher of wisdom, healer, movement builder, liberator)?”; and, “What does it mean to follow him (become his student? serve in new ways? take up our cross? dedicate ourselves to prayer, love and friendship?)? To help us in wrestling with these questions Lay Servants and I together, will offer a Lenten Study entitled, “A Disciple’s Path”. We will meet Sundays in Lent- March 10-April 14 at 11:00 in the sanctuary.

Prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness is what we commit to when we become members of the United Methodist Church. During this six-week study we will explore our commitments, seek deeper understanding, develop spiritual practices, discover our unique gifts, and engage in ministry with the potential to bring transformation to our lives, church and world. My prayer is that this distinctively Wesleyan study will deepen our discipleship as we find answers to the question, “what does it mean to follow Jesus?”

Who should participate in this program? Prospective new members, church leaders, long term members, seekers, learners and all who seek to deepen their spiritual life. Please come and join us! Bring a relative or a friend, and let the church office know you intend to be a part of it!

Yours in Christ’s service,

Pastor Penny