Dear Friends,

July is half over. Three Sundays of July are past. I just wanted to talk with you about some activities that are approaching.

Seussical the Musical will be presented the first weekend in August by the James Street Players. Be sure and get your tickets. Children of all ages know the wonderful work of Dr. Suess.

Vacation Bible School will run the week of August 14-18. The theme this year is Hero Central. Assure a spot for your child by registering in advance in the church office. (631-661-5151)

Sunday Services are every Sunday at 8 and 9:30. It is casual summer. If it’s warm the AC is on. The 8am service is about 45 minutes in length. You can come to worship and be on your way if you have a big day planned. Every Sunday but the Sunday of Labor Day weekend there is the One Room Sunday School for young people who attend the 9:30 service. The summer choir is featured at the 9:30 service. You can sing any Sunday in the Summer choir by just attending rehearsal at 9am before the service. Join us. Remember your church and the Sabbath in the summer months.

Confirmation Class will begin in the fall. Confirmation class is a course in Bible, Christian beliefs and Methodist Beliefs. It is part of preparation for one’s full membership in the church. It culminates in the Confirmation Service in May. It is usually for 9th graders but it is for anyone out there 9th grade and older who has not gone through confirmation. For those who seek to know more, for those who would like to be confirmed, this class is for YOU! Watch the church Newsletter and Bulletin for details.

The Education Committee is discussing hosting a short term class and Event centering on Communion: possibly for those around the 2nd grade. If you are interested in such a class for your child speak to Rev. Carney, Noeline Gittens or Barbara Blaskopf. This class would be held sometime during the school year.

Many are away in the summer. Quite often this affects the church financially. Please pray for your church through the summer months and support it in every way you can.

Hope your summer is bringing you renewal of spirit.

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Tom