Dear Friends in Christ,

Well the annual meeting of the New York Conference of the United Methodist Church is over.   We thank our lay delegates: Doris Richter, Ed Tournu and Florence Bosworth for their service in representing us for the four days.

Well what happened at the conference?  One thing that happened at conference was that we decided to hold new elections for the delegation that will represent us all at the Special General Conference of February 2019.  This conference will discuss our journey toward truly being a church of Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Doors.   It will deal with full inclusiveness for our denomination.   Let us pray for our denomination as we go forward.

And I was once again appointed to be your pastor.  This is year 5.  We have accomplished a lot together.   When I look at the steeple, when I hear the organ, when I look out the new windows in Fellowship Hall, when I sing with the Youth Choir (as I did on Choir Sunday) and I attend the great 11 am spiritual opportunities that have replaced our 11 am service I thank God for the special moments of our journey together.

The future is before is and we have many challenges facing us.  My head is full of ideas.  I have enjoyed being here with you and pray for a wonderful future as we seek to minister in a world that is changing daily, sometimes for the good but not always.  One challenge that always faces us is financial.  We all face that don’t we?  Summer is a time when many are away.

The financial officers of the church have asked me to remind everyone that the church has online giving.  You can go to the church website:, click the connecting link and the process is easy.  If you go on vacation your offering can stay home.  As always we appreciate all gifts in whatever manner they come.  I keep telling the church staff to take whatever gifts people bring, if we cannot use it we can still be good stewards and pass it along.

On the wonderful youth retreat at Camp Quinipet, I was challenged to preach a certain sermon.  So on Sunday June 18 I will do that as we begin our fifth year together.   It deals with something that washed up at my feet as I sat on the beach at Camp Quinipet.  And this may seem odd but the object begged the question, “In what have you planted your roots? What is the rock on which you have built your life?  Is it the right rock?  Is it well with your soul because of the choices that you have made?”  I hope you can join us for worship on Sunday at 8 or 9:30am.  We are air-conditioned.  Come to the comfort.  Summertime and religion is easy.    Join us every Sunday for that matter.  You are welcome and wanted.

Remember the 8 am service goes all summer.  It is slightly shorter that 9:30.  If you have Sunday plans you can attend the 8am worship service and you will be out the door by 9am and on your way.

So come.  As Jesus said “Come.”

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Tom