Dear Friends,

It has been almost 5 years since I became your Pastor and 50 years since I first set

foot in the United Methodist Church of Babylon. It is a privilege to be your Pastor

and I hope that you will read this letter with a lot of interest.


As you know every year we have a Stewardship Drive where we talk about our giving

which usually culminates in a Dedication Sunday where we bring Pledge Cards to the

church service.


This year our program is called NEW CONSECRATION SUNDAY. It begins on October 8

and ends on NEW DEDICATION SUNDAY on November 5th. On that day at the

Speaker’s Request we will only have 1 service at 9:30am followed by a Free

Celebration Brunch in the Fellowship Hall. Please plan on being there.


Our speaker and presenter on New Dedication Sunday will be Joe Andreanna of the

Frontier Foundation. The Frontier Foundation holds half of the church’s Endowment

Funds and is doing very well with the returns on our investments. The Frontier

Foundation is a United Methodist Agency sponsored partially by our Conference. Joe

is a dedicated Christian layman who does his program voluntarily because of his deep

Christian commitment. He is to many the layman on the bar stool who talks about

giving. You won’t want to miss him.


Prior to New Dedication Sunday you will hear brief presentations and moments of

witness each Sunday. Also, you will receive two letters concerning New Dedication

Sunday. Please listen carefully to the speakers and read the letters carefully. The

Estimate Of Giving Cards will actually be distributed on November 5th.


I am very excited about this Stewardship Drive. It comes at a very important time in

the history of our church. It is based on the Biblical beliefs about giving.


Pray for our Stewardship Drive and plan to take part.


The very best to you in Christ’s name,

Pastor Tom