Daily Devotionals

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DAILY DEVOTIONAL for Thursday – January 23rd

by Babylon UMC

Read Psalm 27 Have you ever been in a flood?  When Sandy came through Babylon people climbed to the top of kitchen racks as the water came in, and others went to the second floor.   Some tied a rowboat to the front porch.  When Irene hit upstate people headed for higher ground.  Funny thing […]

DAILY DEVOTIONAL for Wednesday – January 22nd

by Babylon UMC

Read Psalm 27 Whom then shall I fear?  Have you ever been afraid of anything?  Of the dark?  Of being alone?  Of being caught?  Psalm 27 declares that we have nothing  to fear because God is our salvation.  He assures the ultimate victory.   This is a Psalm i which we can find confidence.  Do […]

DAILY DEVOTIONAL for Tuesday – January 21st

by Babylon UMC

Read Isaiah 55:1-9 People are always saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch and  too often I give in to that pessimism.  However, if truth be told, so often I am indeed blessed by something free: the extended hand, the prayer on my behalf,  the invitation.  Count your blessings today and […]

DAILY DEVOTIONAL for Monday – January 20th

by Babylon UMC

Read Amos 5 Today is Martin Luther King Day: a day for us to remember many things.  One thing we must remember is how the Christian Faith can propel us toward a more just society.  We must also remember that our Christian Faith should thrust us toward the work of carving out a more just […]

DAILY DEVOTIONAL for Sunday – January 19th

by Babylon UMC

Read John 1:29-42 Rabbi, where do you live? This is an interesting one: the fishermen saying to Jesus,  “Where do you live?”   I find it an interesting question.  We live in a world where people know more about us than we know about ourselves, but we also have this internet where we can debate […]